About Me

I’m a Liberal Texan.  If you think that’s like finding a unicorn, I should also say I live in Austin.  Austin is the oasis of blue in the desert of red that is Texas.  I graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a degree in Psychology.  I was going to double major in English, but decided against it so that I could graduate earlier.  I started out in Physics and that scientific way of thinking still influences the way I see the world.

My current job has nothing to do with my previous education.

My brain is full of thoughts and to make room for even more thoughts I’ll empty some of those thoughts into this blog.

In person I like to argue/debate and the reason for that is not so that I can be right, but so that I can discover “what is right”.  You should know that I try not to have “beliefs”, so as I acquire new information (whether through my own researching or through debate) I may change my mind and my earlier thoughts may be contradicted by my new thoughts. I recommend this for everyone.



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