Joe’s Book Tour – Introduction

Last year I thought about starting a video blog about my love of books.  I wanted a way to ease back into what i love doing, which is making films, but in a simple way.  I’ve instead decided to start with writing everything out and seeing how that goes first, then maybe adding some video elements along the way or doing future installments that way.  So here is what I’m calling Joe’s Book Tour.

The idea of the Book Tour is that it would consist of 3 distinct parts.

  1. The books that influenced me the most
  2. The author’s and books that I love (many of whom are not the same as those that influenced me).
  3. Visiting great independent bookstores across the country and interviewing their owners (because I have a love for business as well)

As a video blog I was going to make each of those a season, with maybe a few book reviews thrown in.  I’m not sure how it will evolve now, but that’s the basic outline.  So this is post is a sort of, “Look what’s coming up” on my blog.  Tomorrow I’ll start with an overview of my love of reading (Introduction Part 2).  Then start in chronological order (as best I can remember) of the books that influenced me and my thinking.

Hope you’ll join me on this intellectual adventure.  I’ll post once a week for as long as I can think of books to add.  Along the way feel free to share your thoughts if you’ve read the book, or let me know of books that have had an impact on your way of thinking (or maybe are just your favorites.)

See you tomorrow for the true beginning of this adventure.



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