Happy Thanksgiving

I’d like to just wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving, unless you’re not from the U.S., then Happy Thursday to you.

I also just wanted to write about a thing that I noticed in the days leading up to Thanksgiving.  It’s the Boycott Black Friday (or actually Boycott what has now become Black Thursday).

Circulating around Facebook

In the interest of full disclosure, I will be doing some shopping after the Texas Game.  What I find fascinating is that this idea, not only on facebook but on TV, that Black Thursday is bad not just because of how consumerist the U.S. has become, but ostensibly (as the picture above states) “If I’m shopping, Someone else is working and NOT spending time with their family.”

This got me thinking: Why doesn’t anyone protest Football being played on Thanksgiving? This opinion piece in US News and World Report actually says, without irony,  that these retail workers “should be relaxing and enjoying football and a big meal”. (emphasis mine) How do these people think Football arrives on their screens?

For that matter why don’t people boycott Live Television in general on Thanksgiving?

Every year, in what is called a tradition which makes it almost sacred, football is played in stadiums across the country and televised.  Don’t those people deserve a holiday?  Even if you think that NFL players make more than enough money to justify them being miles and miles away from their family (they probably fly their immediate family out with them), what about the camera men, directors, sound guys and girls?  Further, what about the college football players?  They don’t even get paid, and most won’t become millionaires in the NFL.  Further, the concession stand workers, ticket takers, security, parking attendants, ushers, etc.  Those people had to leave their family or arrange the holiday around their work schedule.  No pity for them?

And I mentioned live television, but television in general means that someone has to work.  TV can be done mostly by computer programs, but humans still play a big part in getting your Godfather marathon to you.  Why is no one protesting and asking for a Blank Thursday (where all media goes blank for one day).

To be clear I don’t support these ideas (I think there are bigger problems like raising the minimum wage or allowing workers to unionize – which would probably put a dent into Black Friday), I just wonder why these people who are protesting stores being open on Thanksgiving never seemed to think about all the other workers who every year don’t have a day off for reasons just as ridiculous as consumer spending.  Did they think that these games come through their television all these years through magic?  I just think if you’re going to protest Target or Wal-Mart because people don’t spend time with their families, you should also keep your TV dark, and not check football or basketball scores on your phone.

Anyway, enjoy your Thanksgiving anyway you wish.  I’ll be watching Texas Football, then buying my Mom a new phone for her birthday at a crazy good deal.


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