Stuff that’s been annoying me

I’ve been super busy at work and dealing with new life changes, which I’ll write about later.  But I figured I’d take up writing again by tackling a lot of things that have been annoying me lately, specifically from Facebook posts.

1. Government Shutdown

OK, if you think the shutdown was anyone’s fault but the Republican’s (specifically Ted Cruz from my Great State of Texas) you’re only paying attention to your email forwards and your friends’ Facebook rants.  There is ample evidence that many of the Tea Party Republicans wanted a government shutdown.  They really wanted it. (normally I’d link a bunch of stuff, but right now I just want to rant on my own.  But simple googling should lend evidence to almost every statement I make.) 

They don’t like government.  That’s not a secret.  They think “government is the problem’.  The ‘Tea’ in Tea Party stands for Taxed Enough Already.  They don’t like the government spending money on anything (except, it seems, for the things they like. As evidenced by their many photo ops during the shutdown).  They also make a big deal out of their unwillingness to compromise.  So even if that’s all you knew about the Tea Party Republicans, who would you think was responsible for the shutdown and was unwilling to strike a deal?  The Democratic party?  The party that during the debate over the Affordable Care Act made dozens of concessions before they even went to the negotiating table, even though they controlled the House, Senate, and Presidency?  The party that time and again has the ability to snatch defeat from the hands of victory?  No, it was the Tea Party and the frightened moderate Republicans.

2. The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare)

Obamacare isn’t actually health insurance.  It’s not a government take over of healthcare.  Asking why Obama or Congressman don’t sign up for Obamacare is a dumb question.  It’s like saying you’re flying Travelocity or that your hotel is Priceline.  The Affordable care act states that every American must have health insurance.  That insurance is going to come from private companies.  All the government has done is set up a website to offer specific insurance policies, that must meet specific criteria.  Technically all congressmen and the President are on Obamacare, because they have health insurance.  Their insurance is paid for by tax payers.  Many liberals (and probably the President) wanted universal coverage, which actually would have been a government takeover of health insurance, which would have meant tax payer coverage using your own taxes.  If the President or Congressmen don’t like their tax payer paid coverage, they can go on the open market, just like us.  You get to keep your insurance, you don’t have to change.  Neither do they.  There are a lot of things to debate about the ACA, but most of the memes out there aren’t even in the ballpark of legitimate conversation.

3. Coming to Take Your Guns

I wrote about this before, NO ONE IS COMING TO TAKE YOUR GUNS!  It would require a Constitutional Amendment to ban guns, much less confiscate weapons.  We couldn’t even pass a law requiring background checks, you think we’ll get the votes to pass a constitutional amendment?

I do, however, understand why conservatives would be afraid.  You think Democrats operate like Republicans.  You see Democrats haven’t even come close to suggesting (in legislature) that guns should be banned.  However, Republicans have suggested legislation to ban abortions and gay marriage.  Not to mention at the state level passing many laws to effectively ban abortion, bust unions, prohibit same-sex marriage, keep same-sex couples from adopting, keeping evolution out of textbooks and classrooms, restricting the rights of immigrants, and making it harder for citizens to vote.  That last sentence isn’t fearmongering, it’s a list of the Right’s legislative accomplishments at the state level, across many states.  They actually did those things.  Show me in the last 5-10 years where a state passed a gun ban?  Show me a House or Senate bill with more than 20 sponsors that suggested banning guns?  Because the Defense of Marriage act was a real thing.  The Amendment to define marriage as between a man and a woman was a real thing (it had no hope of ever becoming law, but it was real).

So basically, your guns are safe.  Relax.

4. I Need to Create some Inspirational Atheist Sentiments

I don’t mind people posting about how God helped them through some crisis, I understand that.  Religion and the belief in God have helped many through tough times.  However, the daily bombardment of religious themed quotes and inspirational pics gets a bit annoying.  This is why I need to come up with some secular inspirational cards.  But then I realize I hate inspirational stuff.  That’s really what my problem is: I’m a cynic and a bit misanthropic.  I’m a human Grumpy Cat, always have been.  (my favorite: Like a good neighbor…STAY OVER THERE!)

I add this to my rant because these posts annoy me, but I am aware it’s more my problem than yours.  Unlike the first three annoyances (which come from misinformation), this is something I just need to learn to deal with living in the world I do. 

Ahhhh.  I feel much better now, with that off my chest.  You may now return to ignoring me.


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