Knives v. Guns

I heard about this story when one of the guys who works at our company mentioned it.  Here in Texas at a community college a student stabbed 14 people.  The co-worker, who is as Republican and Right-Wing as they come, made the comment, “See you ban guns, people will find another way.”  A brief look at the comments at the bottom of the NBC story shows that his wasn’t an isolated feeling.

I didn’t respond to him, because i hadn’t actually read the story and I don’t like to argue when i don’t know any facts (odd, right?), and I didn’t just want to get into an argument over his false equivalency.  But make no mistake, it is a false equivalence.  In fact, if this were the type of story we read after stricter gun laws were in effect, I think the American people would be fine.

The key is right in the headline, “At least 14 HURT in stabbing…” (emphasis mine).  I believe if you asked the parents from Sandy Hook, Aurora, Oak Creek, Tuscon, etc they would gladly have their children, brothers, sisters, wives, and husbands have been stabbed, go through a lengthy recovery, and STILL BE ALIVE!

I can’t imagine any of these people who are making “why aren’t you calling for the banning of knives?” comments, saying this to the faces of the Sandy Hook parents.  Of course they wouldn’t. They’re not assholes, they’re just misinformed.

This coworker even repeated the banning guns myth.  NO ONE is legitimately talking about banning guns!  You may hear a few of the ultra-liberal pundits say it, but NO ONE in office is even remotely suggesting it. I’ve mentioned this before, to ban guns you’d need to pass a constitutional amendment!  It’s the new death panels.  It scares the right-wing so much that an idea like background checks becomes a partisan issue.  According to this CBS/New York Times poll 9 in 10 Americans support Universal Background checks.  That’s including 89% of Republicans. A Pew research poll found 85% favor private and gun show background checks.  But looking at politicians in Washington you’d think Democrats were suggesting making Atheism the national religion (yeah, that doesn’t make sense on multiple levels).  Seriously, 14 Senators want to filibuster the bill from even going to a vote.

What’s so funny about me having to argue this position, is that I’m fine with people owning guns and am planning on purchasing one myself.   In fact, none of the proposed legislation would prevent me from owning one or more guns, or even make it harder for me to buy one.  And anyone who tells you otherwise, is lying to you.


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