2013 the year of me!

No pressure.

Yesterday I reviewed my goals for 2012 and found I basically got an incomplete (I’m working closer to U.T. so I’m thinking about my time at college more).  So I’m going to go with trying to achieve those same goals again, with extra goals (setting the bar higher).

Quit Drinking

I’ll be turning 37 this year (WHY UNIVERSE WHY!) and it’s time to adopt a healthier lifestyle.  Also, I have a problem drinking in situations where there are no external controls on my drinking.  I have a rule (that I never follow) don’t pour your own drinks.  In situations where alcohol is free and flowing, I partake too much.  At least at bars they pour weak drinks and they cost too much.  So, I’ve chosen to just stop drinking.  I’m sure my liver, kidneys, and body in general, will thank me. Also, this will make my mother happy.

I didn’t even have champagne on New Years.  Go Me!

Level Up professionally

It’s time to step my game up to the next level from a professional stand point.  I need to get better at Networking and creating my personal brand.  This year I need to work on “becoming an expert in your industry”.  This is a big-time goal, but it is the next step I need to take.  I’m great at my job and have had a lot of success, now I need to leverage it.

Seriously a girlfriend

Like I mentioned I’ll be turning 37 *single tear* and I’m not getting any younger (until we finally conquer both death and aging via science) so I really need to put myself out there.  I would like to have kids and not have to worry about being in a retirement home when they’re going off to college.  As it is I’ll be close to 60, unless I get them to graduate early, before they go off to college.  And grandchildren.  If they wait as long as I have to have kids I’ll be 100 when they finally do (with my new cybernetic body.  Don’t get too jealous, it’s last year’s model.)  So I need to find that “certain someone” and this could be the year (I’m going to ignore the data from the previous 7 years).

Nerd Goals

I want to finally go to a Comic Con!  I’ve caught up with all my comic reading (sort of, I still need to read most of Avengers Vs. X-Men) and I’m going to finally get on a picking list at my local comic shop.  Now I need to go to a comic convention.  If I meet a nerd girl at Comic Con it will resolve two resolutions.

So that’s pretty much what I hope to accomplish this year.  We’ll see how it goes.  Wish me luck.

Happy New Year!


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