A look back at my 2012 goals

Well, it’s the end of the year and I figured I’d look back at the goals I set for myself and if I achieved them.  (spoiler alert: I did not)


My first goal was to write more.  I did write more than the previous year, but no where near my goal.  I’m going to have to work on that some more.  One problem with writing is that I’m really into current events, and want to write about them, but when I start doing research I end up with more questions than answers.  I end up losing the thesis, which is good intellectually (it means I’m looking at the issue from a different perspective than I started) but bad from a writing stand point.  However, I think I should allow myself to write more from an uncertain point of view.  I should begin to share the searching process, rather than think I must have an answer.  That will probably be one of my goals for 2013.

Continue to Lose Weight

I’m the exact same weight as I started 2012.  I really need to change my diet (but pizza tastes good).  I’m able to do more of everything in my workout routine (better cardio and more strength), but I still weigh the exact same.  On the bright side, no weight gain!

Get Out More

I did get out more than the previous year.  I definitely watched more movies, and one stand up show.  I even went out a couple weekends.  But no plays, musicals, or live music.  For Shame!

Start Dating

I did go out on a couple dates, but this is still something I need to work on.  If you saw my post on what I’m looking for in someone, you know part of why I’m single.  If you know someone who fits that bill, send them my way. 😉

So that’s the state of where I’m at as we close out 2012.  Look for tomorrow’s resolutions (goals) for 2013.



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