Yay! Hooray for progress!

I watched last nights election results with just a wee bit of nerves. I know I said the country would be fine if Romney won, but the progressive agenda would be set back.  So how happy am I that not only did Obama get re-elected, but the progressive agenda was validated across much of the country?

States actually voted to legalize gay marriage, not just voted against banning it.  Marijuana was legalized in a couple states. More women elected to the Senate than ever before. The first openly gay Senator is elected and voters didn’t even consider it an issue! How’s that for progress?

I’m hopeful for the progressive agenda going forward but, as I mentioned in my last post, it all really depends on what lessons the Republican Party takes away from this election. Do they see this as a rejection of their ideology, or do they think,  “Well,  Romney wasn’t a true conservative and that’s where we went wrong.”

Either way for the rest of this week, at least, I’m going to enjoy victory. 

BTW there was nothing as fun as watching MSNBC as it became clear President Obama was getting re-elected. Their mood was just so  chipper. They also called everything much earlier than CNN or FOX. Poor FOX, Karl Rove found out on national television he’s not really a political genius after all.


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