Whoever wins, we might all lose

First is it “whoever” or “whomever”?  Either way, I worry that regardless of who wins the election, we might all lose.

You see, I don’t think the Republican Party will take the right lessons from this election.  If they win, they’ll  assume it’s because they stayed true to their conservative roots and move further right.  If they lose, “it’s because we weren’t conservative enough” and they’ll move further right.  Similar to how the answer to all problems in government is tax cuts.  Tax cuts cause a deficit, more tax cuts are the answer to fixing that deficit.  The answer electorally is always: Be More Conservative.

Democrats have the same problem, but in the opposite way.  If we lose, “it’s because we didn’t appeal to centrists enough.”  So even we move more to the right.

If Republicans lose, expect lots more fighting and obstruction. If they win expect more Democrats to vote with Republicans – we’re just don’t have the same party discipline as they do – and for the country to move further right.

I’m not one of those people who thinks the country is going to go to hell if Romney wins, but I do think it will take us longer to achieve goals like Marriage Equality with Republicans, but mostly Conservatives, in charge.  It will take longer to make strides on climate change, alternative energy, and the teaching of Evolution in classrooms (that is seriously still a thing).

I just hope that tomorrow we won’t see the progressive agenda set back another 4-8 years.


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