Wibbly-Wobbly Timey-Wimey

I considered posting about the Todd Akin idiocy, but so many other people posted much better posts about it than I think I could.  The Onion (while at times twinge-worthy) really drives the point home.

So I figured I’d go with something much more light.  Time-travel.  I just finished watching the BBC America specials from this past weekend on time-travel and I still think the best method for time travel, to avoid paradoxes, is to use cameras disguised as insects.

If you wanted to watch Lincoln debating with his cabinet during the Civil War, standing there, even in period garb, would cause problems (unless you’re the Doctor).  But a fly or mosquito would hardly be noticed.  A spider in the corner wouldn’t create some grand paradox or alter the future (unless Lincoln had a great fear of spiders).  We all see flies and mosquitoes everywhere and we don’t really give them a second thought.  We may take a few minutes to try to kill a particularly annoying one, but if they just landed and sat there, we’d never really pay them any attention.

And frankly only in movies do spies use flies as cameras then actually fly right into someones face.  How dumb is that?  Just be a “fly on the wall”.  Heck, maybe in the future they’ve already done that and that’s where the phrase really comes from.

Of course, from a movie perspective nothing fun really comes from observing the past and not causing any problems, so maybe other people have thought of this and said, “but then why would JCVD need to be a Timecop?”  Ooooh, maybe the movie could be about people being killed in the present by bugs, then a coroner discovers that one of the insects is a camera!  Get me J.J. Abrams on the phone!


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