Therapy is like Exercise

I was catching up on Castle (I’m way behind, no spoilers), and one of television’s favorite tropes reared it’s head: Mr. Therapist please fix me in one session. 

As a person who majored in Psychology because I actually enjoyed the subject, and who has a sister who is a social worker, I know that we all could use a little therapy. People are just barely beginning to accept that people who see a psychologist or psychiatrist aren’t necessarily crazy, but people still seem to think that a therapist should be able to fix you in one session.


I’ve never heard this said, but it should be in some script in the future: therapy is like exercise. Say you work out, eat right, and get that body you’ve always wanted. Do you stop working out and get to keep that body forever? No. You have to keep working out for the rest of your life.

When you’re overweight you can’t just will yourself thin, you have to work at it. Same thing with your mind. If you have anger issues or control issues, what you’ve been doing isn’t working, you need something more. For weight it’s exercise, for the mind it’s therapy.

If you go to therapy for a specific problem, sometimes you can quit going.  But the brain is complex and we all have issues that go beyond simple “fix X and everything will be fine”.

Anyway, I wish just once someone would use the exercise analogy when dealing with their TV patient.


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