Happy Independence Day!

… never has a war been so courteously declared. It was on parchment with calligraphy and “Your highness, we beseech you on this day in Philadelphia to bite me, if you please.” – Sam Seaborn, West Wing

I’m a silly patriotic person.  I choke up when the national anthem plays and I always silently sing along.  I love reading about the founding fathers.  I also love fireworks, so this day edges out New Years as my favorite fireworks holiday (which I wish we had more of).

What makes America cool is that we were a nation founded by a bunch of intellectuals who looked at how governments were set up around the world and thought, “We can do better.”  They made a lot of mistakes (like slavery), but they set up a nation that could adjust with the times, even if some of its citizens don’t want it to.

236 years later and we’re still here.  We had a civil war, but made it through the other side still intact.  Not many other countries can say that.  We may be a politically divided country, and we may have some extremists who think this country is going to hell, but we’re going to be around for many centuries to come.  We may have some more low points, but we are set up to change.  Our ability to change and adapt is why America is still here.  Changing and adapting is what makes companies successful and great and it’s what makes America great.  Sure we have gridlock in congress, but that’s what makes sure that we don’t ever change too rapidly.  It will take a while to make Gay Marriage legal in every state, but the same gridlock that keeps it from happening is the same gridlock that keeps some crazy majority from outlawing homosexuality outright.  (I guess what I’m saying is I might not get the laws I want, but at least they can’t get all the laws they want either)

So, I’d like to just say Happy Birthday America!  Here’s to many more!



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