Is Mitt Romney the New John Kerry?

This is just a quick thought I had while watching the news a few days ago.  There was a poll that said several Romney supporters were voting for Romney as a vote against Obama.  That made me remember all the people I met that said they were voting for John Kerry, just because they didn’t like Dubya.  As we all know John Kerry became President…in an alternate universe.

John Kerry and Mitt Romney also have other similarities.  Both are smart, rich, educated, and qualified to be President.  They both seem kind of boring and out of touch.  They both were compared to robots on the Daily Show.  They’re both Massachusetts liberals 🙂 .  They both are accused of flip flopping.

It’s really like Romney is the Republican Kerry, without the war record.

I think it will be a close race, but Romney is running as the anti-Obama and that didn’t work out for Kerry so well.  There’s only so much that passionately hating the man in charge gets you, you also need people who are passionate about YOU.  Even I wasn’t passionate about John Kerry. I hated that he kept running toward the center and away from his voting record (much like criticisms of Romney).  But I voted for him (granted I did that in Texas so it was like yelling at a tornado).

Anyway it’s just a thought that jumped into my head.


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