Quick thought on radio

I was listening to the radio this morning and was reminded why I prefer Pandora or even my iPod when driving. If you drive during morning rush hour, you’ve probably been subjected to the morning chatter.  I personally can’t stand them. I can’t stand listening to adults who sound like they have the IQs of teens prattling on about B.S. When I want to listen to people talking I’ll load a podcast, of which I’m seriously backlogged.

But even when these stations do play music, it’s old stuff. I’ve given up on101x. I can actually stand their morning DJs, maybe even like them, but every time they play Nirvana I think, didn’t he die when I was in high school? Yes, yes he did.  Understand that I love Nirvana. They just play it every frakking day! Now, I think I’m a little weird for my age in that I prefer modern music. I like LMFAO. The Black Keys, Pit Bill, and anything by Jack White.  I can’t stand 80s music. I’ll listen during Karaoke, but don’t you dare play that in my house.

For these reasons I’m so glad to have Pandora.  I wish they would make a receiver for my car so I could control it while driving.

I just had to get that off my chest, I forgot my phone this morning. Next time I will drive back for it, I don’t care how close I am to my destination. 🙂


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