Can this become a movement?

Can we start a movement to bring back reasoned debate?  It can’t be that hard.  One of my favorite sites Read Write Web, has a post with 3 suggestions to make it happen.  I’m going to do my best to follow these three rules.

  1. It’s better to oppose a concept by taking it apart.
  2. Causes change, and viewpoints must change with them.
  3. It serves one’s own cause to respect his or her opponent’s viewpoint as earnest rather than subsidized.

The third one is really important when dealing with politics.  Lefty liberals accuse conservatives of being in the pocket of Big Business.  Right-wing Republicans accuse liberals of being mouth pieces for the Unions.  What about the ideas?  Are the ideas valid?  That’s what matters.

I don’t know anything about SOPA, but reading those three “lessons learned” sounded so similar to every political debate I’ve ever heard or been apart of. (It’s also the reason I no longer read comments on any blogs/news sites)

Sometimes I feel the Onion article stating that the Nation is down to last Hundred Adults is true.

According to recent data, the grown-up population has plummeted dramatically since 1950, when a Census count found that more than 24 million Americans could both admit when they were wrong and respect a viewpoint other than their own.

That’s made up but it sure feels true.


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