Too much of a good thing

I’m going to leave politics for a bit to rant on a pet peeve of mine.  I don’t know the word for it, so I’ll just describe the situation.

I love Zombies.  I love zombie films, books, comics, action figures, etc.  Right now they’re ridiculously popular.  As with anything that achieves this level of popularity, it now has people who are “tired” of it.  You’ve heard them.  “Ugh, another zombie movie!”

I hate this.

This happens with lot’s of genre stuff.  Vampires, Comic book movies, 3D, sequels, you name it, people trash the next one that comes out.  “Isn’t that played out.”  “No original ideas.” etc.

However, I never hear that when it comes to…say…WWII movies.  Another romantic comedy.  Another Drama.  Another movie where the main character starts out angry/depressed/a criminal/loner/agnostic, then meets some people who change his point of view, then he becomes happy/content/straight arrow/friendly/religious or for a twist dies ironically (eg. depressed person becomes happy then dies in a way that looks like suicide).  Been there, done that.

There aren’t really any new plots out there.  Aside from completely experimental filmmaking (think that video from The Ring – except you’d rather die than watch 3 hours of random images and text) there is nothing new under the sun.

Someone pointed to Inception as innovative.  Maybe camera technique and style, but it’s just Nightmare on Elm Street & Dreamscape.

The Matrix wowed audiences with cool camera techniques, but it was Fist of Legend, the bible, & William Gibson books all mashed together.

I’m not hating.  I love all this stuff.  I’ve watched so many zombie movies I could survive the Zombie Apocalypse with my eyes closed.  Not all of them were great (like Zombie Apocalypse), but I watch them all to see what “take” this writer/director has.  I like the different takes on Vamps.  I’m a comic book geek.

I guess what I’m saying is, I hope they put out more Zombie stuff.

So stop hating.  If you don’t like it, watch something else.  I have 78 books in my queue, I have about 100 movies in my Netflix queue, 100s in Hulu, & there’s a local video store called I Luv Video of which I’ve only watched 1% of the movies they have.  There’s a lot out there, go find what you like and leave my stuff alone!


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