#OWS–some thoughts

I don’t really want to join those in the media who lump the Occupy Wall Street people with hippies, but C’MON!  I talked with a friend this weekend who mentioned some of the ridiculous hand gestures that they’ve adopted, then just watched last night’s Colbert Report where he REALLY made fun of them.  If you want to be taken seriously you need to be serious.  Tea Party people dressing up as Revolutionary War Era citizens just makes you look dumb.  So do the wiggly fingers, but even more so.


I had a thought back in college that the problem with these, for lack of a better word, hippies is that they don’t really want to change the world.  You know who really wanted to change the world, Steve Jobs and he did.  The founder of Google has done more to change the way business is done than any of these Occupy Wall Street people.  What I mean is, if you want to change the way business is done, get a job in business, or start your own, and actually change the way it’s done.  Take a job at a bank and ruthlessly fight your way to the top and change the way things are done.  Get on the boards of major corporations and force them to pay their workers more and their CEOs less.  Treat it like it’s warfare (metaphorically) and do whatever it takes to get the results you want. 

Protesting has the ability to get attention to your ideas, but unless other people get behind it, and unless people with power do something about it, nothing is going to change.  You’ve got lots of people behind your fairly vague ideals, but the people in power aren’t going to do anything.  The Tea Party actually had corporate funding and politicians behind it.  What have you got? 

I’ll say that part of the problem is the “selling out” mentality that “true believers” have.  It’s what’s hurt the Tea Party and it’s what hurts liberals and leftists.  Starbucks had a pretty progressive policy of pay and healthcare for it’s employees, but once it became a chain and was making money, it was evil.  Google shares a pretty “open-source”, free-information type of mentality, but it’s too big now and must be evil.  “True believers” whether they’re right or left, always have a hipster attitude of, “I liked them before they were big”, that ultimately hurts the cause. 

Look at Obama.  Kept a decent number of his campaign promises, but it’s not good enough for us liberals.  He should have been the messiah we made him out to be.  How dare he get us a little closer to our goals but not get us all the way there.  How dare you pay for my dinner, but make me cut my own food.


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