Iraq war to end

So, Obama is ending the Iraq war and bringing the troops home. Just like he promised. He won’t get any credit for it. Republican’s will call him weak. Democrats will complain it took too long or complain about the few thousand security personnel that are remaining.

Greg Sargent has a great piece about how this relates to the Democratic Party and National Security.  Basically, he says that this should eliminate the GOP advantage when it comes to National Security.  I agree that it should, but when have facts ever stood in the way of a good GOP talking point.  Romney already called Obama a failure for bringing the troops home, even though he says we were victorious in Iraq.  (“We’ve won the war, now let’s stay there forever!”)

All I know is that now Olbermann can finally end his count of days since “Bush declared Mission Accomplished.”


Well, I was right about complaining about the security personnel.  TPM Muckraker has an article titled Soldiers May Be Leaving Iraq, But Contractors Will Remain.  I know that liberals have been against independent contractors in Iraq, with good reasons, but can’t we be happy about anything?  Can’t we at least wait a day before we start complaining?


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